Albers' Commitment to Safety

Albers understands that a safe workplace must be of paramount concern to all employees and job site personnel all the time. It is understood – company wide – that we must all conduct operations so that injuries to people, and damage to property and/or the environment will be avoided.


Our objective is to provide a clean, safe and healthy work environment for all employees resulting in zero injuries. It is everyone’s responsibility to comply with all safety and health regulations that are enforced by local, state or federal authorities.

Safety Administrator

Our safety administrator assures our program policies and procedures, as well as any and all federal, state and local requirements, are enforced and/or implemented accordingly. He conducts periodic reviews of the safety program as a whole and will revise procedures as needed to address changing regulations or conditions.

Weekly Safety Meetings

No employee will be allowed to perform a job or task unless they have received training on the hazards present and the precautions necessary to perform the job safely. In addition, mandatory weekly toolbox/safety meetings are conducted and recorded by all job site superintendents.